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Grout Restoral and Repair Services in the tampa bay, FL, area

Restore and Repair Services Provided
Does your shower or tub have cracked, eroded or missing grout? Are there water stains, calcium deposits, soap scum or mold & mildew spots that just won't go away no matter how many times or what you clean it with? Are there loose tiles or water that appears to be seeping through the threshold or shower door frame?
Groutworks specializes in restoring showers and tubs to look like new by offering the below services…Contact GroutWorks today to have one of our experienced licensed and bonded representative's come out and demonstrate our process and give you a free estimate on the spot!

Services Provided

Recaulk tub and shower perimeters (including threshold and benches) – Remove existing caulk and or grout on shower wall corners, floor perimeter, threshold & benches
- Treat excavated areas for mold - Apply polymer mold resistant silicone on all treated areas
Repair / Refurbish Grout – Clean all applicable areas – Remove cracked, eroded and or damaged grout – Regrout with applicable grout (Sanded, Unsanded or Epoxy)
Install Shower Floor over existing floor - Prepare existing floor, float when applicable and install drain extension kit - Install customer provided tiles over existing floor and grout with Sanded or Unsanded grout. Note: Epoxy Grout is available for this service
Regrout Bathroom showers, tubs & other areas - Treat and Clean shower/tub walls & shower floors - Remove all cracked, eroded and damaged grout – Treat applicable areas for mold – Regrout with applicable grout (Sanded, Unsanded or Epoxy)
Replace silicone around shower doors and glass partitions - Remove existing caulk or silicone on shower door (inside and out) - Treat excavated areas for mold - Apply polymer mold resistant silicone on all treated areas.
Replace damaged tiles - Remove cracked or damaged tiles and replace with tiles provided by customer.
Seal Granite counter tops & back splashes - Clean areas and apply clear protective sealant on areas.